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Best lighting solution for parking lots---LED Infrared sensor tube light

Infrared LED Tube mainly application is parking lots- to lower electric charge.Most of the Parking lots need 24 hours lighting, particularly the underground parking lot.There are thousands of square meters,most of them use the traditional fluorescent tubes light and other energy-saving tube light, lighting differ area to lower the energy cost. No-lighting, few-lighting or use low watts bulbs these are the normal method to energy-saving. If so, there are contradictions between the car owner and the property energy efficiency.

To meet the lighting requirement and lower the cost of power, infrared led tube light have been applied.


LOYICN Infrared sensor tube light use Infrared control chip to control the tube on-off  individually to make the energy-saved.

When nobody moving, all the sensor tube light will be on dim lighting 25% 3~4Watts power consumption or 100% no lighting 0Watts consumption (two ways, you can choose according to
your environment.)
Infrared sensor tube not only to meet security and protection requirement, but also save lots of electrical power.

When somebody moving, the infrared tube light will be on lighting 100%, keep 100% lighting. if you are not leave of sensor area. When car or people leave sensor area 30's(time can be adjustable according to your requirement),the sensor tube light will re-on
dim lighting 25% 3~4Watts power consumption or 100% no lighting 0Watts consumption.


Typical Applications:
Support intelligent parking lot and big warehouse … Where need long time lighting energy saving reconstruction project.

Customized two light mode

1.Non-inductive dim to  25%

2.Non-inductive 100% no-lighting