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Why LED T8 Replacement Bulbs

What are LED T8 Replacement Bulbs?
LED T8 Replacement Bulbs are electronic bulbs that can be used to replace existing fluorescent bulbs.

How are they different than fluorescent bulbs?
Traditional fluorescent bulbs need a ballast to create high current to cause the chemical reaction in the bulb to create light. LED bulbs 100% electronic making them more efficient.

What are the advantages?
LED bulbs have a much higher efficiency ratio than a fluorescent. An 18Watt LED bulb emits the same amount of light as a 60Watt fluorescent.
Longer Bulb Life. Under normal operating conditions LED bulbs have an expected useful life of 1o years before needing replacement.

Solid State Technology. All of the parts in an LED bulb are free of moving parts or chemical reactions.

No Ballast Needed. LED bulbs work directly off of standard AC power.

It does not need the high current conversion from the ballast.

Eliminating the ballast saves money on power and replacement costs.

Drop Proof/Shatter Proof. Since the LED bulb casing is 100% plastic .There is no risk of broken glass.

No Harmful Chemicals: When a traditional fluorescent bulb breaks it releases hundreds of harmful chemicals (including mercury). LED bulbs are fully electronic and RoHS approved.

Excellent Heat Emission. Fluorescent bulbs and ballasts emit a high level of heat. Heat is wasted energy that did not get turned into light. LED bulbs release very little heat and can be handled immediately after being shutoff. Reducing the heat output also saves on air conditioning costs.

Clean Light. LED bulbs do not flicker or hum. The lack of UV light

can also be beneficial to people with certain health conditions such as Lupus.

5 Year Warranty. If you experience any failures within the first 3 years a replacement bulb will be provided. The after 2 years we provide free maintance ...